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We all joined — all us 18th century people. Écrasez l’infame! Join in. Vote for liberty, equality, fraternity, sisterhood — for justice, decency, for caring for others, for making sure our small precious stakes — be it money, the small investor, or their life savings and social security, or their health care, are not turned over to today’s 1% to make them richer than ever. Voted for sexual & social liberty, for good education for all and widespread knowledge of science, humanities, social knowledge. Voted for the man who kept us from a depression and will not deprive us of Sesame Street!

I could not find a good YouTube for a song for today, but the sentiments of this alphabet song are those of the Enlightenment: let us be faithful (constant) to friendship and forever free (for an open egalitarian society):

Herry (SPOKEN): Hey, Oscar, Cookie, Grover! It’s time to sing the song about the letter that comes after “E”!

Oscar: I don’t wanna do this icky, crummy, lovey-dovey old F song!

Cookie: C’mon lets all sing together.

Herry: All those words that start with the letter F!

All: (sing)
Four furry friends. Frolicking fellows.
On Friday afternoon. (afternoon)
4 furry friends, frankly affectionate,
They sing the future soon. (future soon)
Faithful, fearless, friends for forever.
Fabulous, fun, family.
4 furry friends, faithful together.
Fun-filled, and forever free. (ever free)

Herry (SPOKEN): F is the letter that brings us together.
F is fun. F is famous.
And together our friendship will forge forward.
Thanks to that fantastic letter F.

All (SING): Four furry friends, faithful together.
Fun-filled, and forever free. (Ever free!)

Oscar: Boy, I really hated that!

Besides which “F” is a very special letter for Jane Austen (as Elinor Dashwood, Fanny Price, Jane Fairfax, Anne Elliot, not to omit Elizabeth Bennet [Fitzwilliam Darcy]).


At 1:00 pm, 11/7: Joke alert: on BBC America someone remarked early in the evening that the “colony was [he feared] dysfunctional.” Well the colony is okay for now after all.

Jesse Jackson summed up what happened very well: the intense and overt effort to suppress the vote boomeranged. There was a huge turnout; people were willing to go through intimidation, long lines, were able to overcome illegal demands they produce unnecessary IDs, the NAACP and others did send out watchers. Then Romney blew off African-Americans, women, the elderly, college young adults, the poor, Spanish people, and immigrants. Who is left? Not enough to win.

A picture from the campaign:


Celebrate tonight, he said, and then tomorrow do not be passive, we will be all for one and one for all and work hard for all we want.


P. S. Every single progressive woman won, every single one who ran: Tammy Baldwin, Tammy Duckworth, Elizabeth Warren, Claire McCaskill (whose opponent said women’s wombs shut down if the rape is real, and called her a dog who fetches), Heidi Heitkamp, Maizie Hirono, all 14 of them.

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